you're my sweetheart
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i’m into girls and guys but i’m also really into pasta.
my blog is porny and spoilery

the carlos to my cecil

in a cupboard,
under some stairs

So honey now
Take me into your loving arms 

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I sometimes think “wow I got sucked into this fandom pretty hard” and it’s not till I visit a blog that’s constantly getting asks, breaking up an argument or debating the latest rumors, that I realize how much of an outsider I really am. I’m actually pretty out of the loop.

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@msleamichele On set at @SonsofAnarchy with my favorite person @Harparbar this is so cool! #SOAFX 
@msleamichele On set at @SonsofAnarchy with my favorite person @Harparbar this is so cool! #SOAFX 

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Blaine’s face though.

‘You are so screwed.’

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I think most of the big stuff happened before you left, but still. :D

Still a lot to catch up on. I’m at Sami’s wedding right now, to give you an idea. You’ll be hearing from me if there’s anything big I’ve missed. Lol

can’t wait for some of your reactions

Oh boy! I’m sure I’ll be posting some reactions on here. I haven’t watched since before I went to SF, so I’ve got quite a bit to catch up on.

I am more than a month behind on WilSon’s story. So I’m pausing my Doctor Who marathon to catch up on that. Anxious to see what I’ve missed.

Debs, I need at least one person in this family to not turn cynical and my money’s been on you.

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↳ Day 8: Favourite scene

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Darren Criss - G4 Panel (1/2)

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