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Chris Colfer + Chord Overstreet

@chordoverstreet: Hey everyone @chriscolfer wants to get a tattoo! What do you think he should get?! I vote @Mark_Salling face!

@chriscolfer: Hardy har har, very funny. I can’t get a tattoo, not again…

@chordoverstreet: not after that one mistake of a tattoo me and you both got to match.

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When E4 Met Amber Riley, Kevin McHale and Chris Colfer (x)

What would you like to do in the future once Glee is done?

Watch this whole video, it is adorable and hilarious.

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"I tear up after the completion of my own novels as well. It just takes me back to when I was in elementary school and my parents got called into meetings with teachers because I wasn’t reading and writing at the level I should have been. I’m not sure if I’ve improved since then, but at least I’m writing books now." *

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Chris + Amber Riley

"Don’t tell her, but I got really emotional in the audience, seeing her come out on that stage in her big, sparkly dress — I lost it, I lost it! Oh God, and her voice was filled — I’m gonna get teary thinking about it — her voice just filled that whole theater. It was just incredible!"