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[Fic] Songs that Voices Never Share 


Here’s the comfort!sex fic I failed to post to Tumblr last week! Most of it I wrote immediately in response to 3x22 at the time it aired. Then it sat neglected for years. I posted the start of it for an old WIP snippet meme a while back. I decided to finish it as something warm and fuzzy since fandom was feeling down during the hiatus. It’s actually ended up rather melancholy though, knowing the break up is just a few months ahead of these kids.

Songs that Voices Never Share

Kurt/Blaine | Drama/Erotica | MA/NC-17 | comfort!sex, mild kink | After getting his rejection from NYADA, Kurt can’t talk about it. Blaine doesn’t need him to. | Set after “In the World of Silence” around 3x22 “Goodbye”, and continuing the conceit of following the development of Kurt & Blaine’s relationship through the lens of their sexual relationship. | ~4,300

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After two weeks of “Honeymoon granted by the government”, Kurt and Blaine go back to work. After one day at work, they realize they have a lot to be grateful for. 

(part 3 of ‘Newlywed Strangers’)

(Part 1)
(Part 2)

"Oh, Kurt! You’re back!" 

Kurt smiled at Isabelle’s enthusiasm. “Yup, here I am.” 

"Sweetie, I have missed you so much! Everyone else is so scared to tell me what they really think that I almost ended up approving a photo shoot focused on leather scarfs," Isabelle whined. Kurt chuckled. "So. Congratulations." 

Kurt’s smile faded a tiny bit and he was suddenly very aware of the golden band around his finger. “Thank you.” 

"Is it, uh… Something worth congratulating for?" 

The question was so straight forward and yet so subtle that it made Kurt blink. Isabelle looked at him with a serious, ‘don’t you lie to me’ face but as Kurt thought about the last two weeks, he knew he wouldn’t have to. 

"Yeah. Yeah, it is. I’m very lucky, he’s… Blaine’s amazing." 

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"Already Home" - Kurt/Blaine 


A fill for this thing that I spewed a while ago.

Vampire!Blaine/human!Kurt.  Early!Klaine.  Rachel convinces Kurt to join the Vampire Hunting Club their senior year because it’s the only one they haven’t joined.  Blaine transfers to McKinley and decides to join the club in order to try and hide in plain sight.  

Warnings for: a scene with some bullying (nothing graphic or followed through on) and consensual blood drinking as part of sex.

"You have got to be joking," Kurt says in a monotone, standing outside of the empty classroom with a simultaneously bored and exasperated expression. "Vampire Hunting Club is so last year. It’s just a bunch of Twilight nerds and a few jocks trying to look all hyper-masculine by making up stories about ‘taking out the undead’…”

"It’s the only club that we haven’t joined," Rachel says, "and we need every possible extracurricular that we can fit in if we’re going to get into NYADA, Kurt." She bounces. "Besides, our friends are already members, and I hear that they have a bead on the most current trends in hunting apparel, which I know you—”

He raises a hand, cutting her off. “We do not speak of this in public. You know that.”

"They only meet twice a month," she wheedles, tugging at his sleeve. "And there are cookies."

His eyes narrow. “If anyone asks, I’m only doing this because you made me.”

She squeals. “Yay!”

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FIC: Silver In Our Lungs; Kurt/Blaine (NC-17) 


Kurt/Blaine, NC-17 (~8,000 words)

Summary: Hogwarts AU. Seven years of Kurt’s life as a Hogwarts student captured in seven moments. Featuring anal. Special thanks to radio-poem & colfhummel, who both inspired different parts of this fic!

year one.

When Kurt remembers his mom, he remembers color: brilliant pinks and misty greens rising around her in vaporous swirls, a haphazard scattering of spell-dyed cauldrons simmering artfully across her study. Her more natural hues, the exact shade of her eyes and the tone of her skin, have faded slowly from Kurt’s memory since her death. Even pictures, life-like and moving, can’t make them stick; they recede immediately in favor of the saturated images his mind still so easily conjures up. He thinks of her always now as she was at her happiest, veiled and illuminated behind those synthetically pigmented fumes, oscillating between shimmery tints of oranges, lavenders, and cyans as she glided around her pots, stirring here, dropping a root there. Always shooting Kurt bright, close-lipped smiles where he sat just a few hazy feet away, eyes wide and face awed as he just watched

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Fic: Perfect Imperfections
PG, ~700 words. This was my contribution for the klainebookproject2014. I was lucky enough to work with the supremely talented freakingpotter, and her art for this fic can be found here. Thanks to countess7 for reading it through for me.


Kurt arrives at Blaine’s house the day after prom fully loaded and ready for battle. He has a variety of products, combs and brushes, a flat iron, and his salon quality blow dryer. He even has a few hair magazines, just in case.

"What’s all that?" Blaine asks when he answers the door and Kurt swoops in. He looks warily at the oversized bag Kurt is lugging through the house.

"Blaine, prepare yourself, because today I am going to show you how to embrace your curls without having to glue them to your head." Kurt sees him pat over his gelled hair defensively, but when he opens his mouth, Kurt stops him. He isn’t there to entertain any arguments. "Shh." Kurt presses a finger to Blaine’s lips. "Just trust me." Blaine sighs deeply, but nods.

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Summary: Bleary-eyed kisses in the morning always seem to turn into so much more.

Warnings: rimming, fingering

He doesn’t want to wake up, but he can’t help notice that the bed is suddenly empty.

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[Fic] Reliving You  


Summary: Shortly before Mr. Schue’s wedding, Kurt writes to the man he cannot seem to shake. 

Pairings: Klaine, includes discussion of Adam

Originally written for the klainebookproject2014 

Notes: This ficlet was illustrated by the incredible indiiiart. Thank you to the project organizers and to gluttonouspenguin, foramomentonly, and amongsoulsandshadows for making it better. Any errors are, unquestionably, my own.

On AO3


Dear Blaine,

Yesterday, Adam gave me flowers. He called them dahlia or gladiolus, something delicate in a rich red that belongs on a sports car. He promised that they weren’t for anything official; there’s no official gift for an almost three-month anniversary. He just ran into the flower seller on his way to the loft and they looked like they needed a good home, so he put them in my hands, and I held them out in front of my body, like a baby bird that shouldn’t be out of the nest.

The blossoms spilled out over the yellow ribbons holding them together, and I didn’t tell him that they looked like your flowers, the ones I gave you after the auditions for West Side Story. I never realized how those reds and yellows crept under my skin, but now I look around and they’re everywhere. He could have seen them in my notebooks for class or the keychain you got me when your folks went to Rio. He probably noticed and thought they would make me happy.

He’s thoughtful like that.

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we’ve been given permission to post our klaine book fics, so here’s mine!

Morning Song, PG, 631 words

Blaine is woken by the sun on his face, gently streaming in through the gap in his curtains and dancing over the rumpled bedclothes. He blinks, still half-asleep, and rolls over to nuzzle into his fiancé’s body.

The bed next to him is empty. He stretches a hand out, running his palm over the dent Kurt’s head left in the pillow. Kurt. His brand new fiancé.

There’s a loud clang from downstairs and Blaine smiles. Kurt must be making them breakfast.

He groans a little and rolls out of bed, shuffling over to the dresser and tugging on a pair of boxers and a loose shirt. In the mirror, his hair is an absolute mess, the result of Kurt’s lovely long fingers. Fingers that now wear a ring. He giggles to himself and heads downstairs, ready to steal a spoonful of Kurt’s pancake mix and then proceed to vigorously kiss him against the counter.

When he enters the kitchen, though, Kurt is not standing at the hob with a frying pan. He’s perched on one of the breakfast stools, a glass of milk in front of him, staring down at his left hand. The sun is trickling in through the blinds, lighting up his ethereal features and glinting on the bright band around his finger.

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Fic: Something You Want 


Prompted by likearumchocolatesouffle, who suggested crossdressing, and perfectanomaly who suggested accidental crossdressing. We’ll go ahead and lump this in with the hiatus of porn (aka, porn off 2014). If you wanna read the rest of the porn, go to the #porn off 2014 tag to catch up!

It starts with a sweater vest. The first time Kurt sees it, it’s worn in a very flattering ensemble and Blaine’s singing to him, upbeat and well meant encouragement to spread his wings and take a chance. When they get back to Blaine’s, Kurt’s more focused on getting Blaine out of it than analyzing it.

It’s not until they get dressed again, sweater vest included, that Kurt really takes note of the cut and shape — very flattering and slimming and making Blaine look generally tiny.

“Blaine, is that from the womens department?”

Blaine looks down and frowns, “I don’t think so?”

“I’d never judge, you know I think fashion has no gender.”

“No, I know. I just don’t think…?”

Kurt goes behind Blaine and flips down the collar, ignoring Blaine’s little protest, and examines the label. It doesn’t really give any clues. Kurt kisses the back of Blaine’s neck in apology for stretching the weave and turns back toward the door. “Come on, we’ll be late for Friday night dinner.”

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Ficlet: Reveal 


, and prompted: Klaine, “I’m trying to flirt with you, okay?”

Early!Klaine, best friends since childhood AU, ~1,000 words

Kurt lets his head drop down onto his arms with a groan, squeezing his eyes shut. “I hate homework.” He’s on his belly on Blaine’s bed, Blaine on the carpet in front of him, the way they’ve been doing homework since first grade together.

Blaine blinks up at him from the floor, smiling softly. “I know you do.”

“Why am I so bad at this?”

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Fic: Nearest Thing to Perfect, Kurt/Blaine 


Notes: 3100 words of NC-17 d/s AU.

Companion piece to Imperfection (linked below), and set after that story. It’s worth reading one to read the other. This one’s about as free of meaning and plot as I get. Just two boys feeling their way through the honeymoon of a relationship. And set in that same d/s alternate universe.

As always, thanks and, in this case, blame to chiasmuslovesme

Also there’s a third one to come, but this felt less complete the more I wrote so here it is.

The first story - Imperfection:

Nearest Thing to Perfect

Make-up removed, street clothes in place, Kurt looks himself over carefully in the low lights of his dressing room. It’s the end of another night’s performance. The show was well-received by the full capacity crowd. It’s always well-received.

He stretches his spine, arches on the chair then leans forward to lace his leather boots neatly, up and up to the knee.

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Fic: From This Day Forward (Epilogue / 21 + Epilogue) [COMPLETE] 



Summary: Being matched up by the government may not be the most romantic way to start a life together. But after moving to New York City, Kurt and Blaine are dedicated to making it work. With moving into their own place, forming new friendships, and the creation of a punk band, they both have to learn to navigate the beginning of the rest of their lives.

Notes: Arranged marriage AU. Dystopian. Sequel to For Better Or For Worse. Kurt is a musical theater student, with the assigned role of husband. Blaine is kind of a bad boy, assigned the role of wife, which essentially leaves him powerless in their society. This is their story. Because it doesn’t end with a wedding.

So many thanks to my wonderful betas for this chapter: wheretheshadowslie, and flowerfan2.

The wonderful lovely cover art for this was made by the amazing charlie-of-oz-writes.

Additional notes: I feel like I should say something. But I’m not really sure what. So I’m gonna go with Thank You. To all of you who have been reading, to all of you who have been commenting and reblogging, and to all those of you who are still going to read it. This fic has become so dear to me, I’ve been working on it for so long, and it feels beyond weird to be finished with it. But I am so grateful that I’ve had all of you amazing people to share this with. So thank you. I mean it. It’s been fun! <3

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Fic: At Least Say Please 


a hodgepodge of prompt bits, notably one from candco who enjoyed Bossy!Kurt and wanted more and also spinmybowtie who wanted fingering (among other things I didn’t get to). Once again, in true porn off style, I wrote this fast and am my only beta, which means…mistakes ahoy.

@missbeizy, I enjoyed the furtive blowjob porn, but Bossy Kurt wants to know what’s next?

“No, put it on the third shelf,” Kurt says over his shoulder. Blaine pauses, arm stretched most of the way to the top of the bookcase.

“But Kurt it’s a textbo—”

“No the color of the spine will look good with the theme of the third shelf.”

Blaine frowns. That doesn’t even make sense. And it won’t actually look good. Behind him, Kurt sighs. “Blaine, just trust me and do it.”

Blaine bites his lip and thumps it down a little harder than necessary. He’s still in his school clothes and it’s been a long day; all he wants is a warm drink and his pj’s.

“Hey,” Kurt looks up when he passes the kitchen table, “What’s up?” He looks so honestly clueless it lessens some of Blaine’s irritation.

“You’re such a bossypants sometimes,” Blaine says with a smile.

“Well no actually these pants are a great steal I got from EBay, they’re—”

“Kurt,” Blaine tries not to laugh, “just say you’re sorry or that you’ll say please next time.”

“Oh,” Kurt kisses him, lips sweetly contrite. “Sorry honey.”

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Coffeeshop AU based off of this picture. This has been sitting in my docs for months unfinished, and I don’t know if it’s been done already for Klaine, but if it has, I’m sorry for being repetitive! PG, ~1500 words

When Santana landed a job at a coffee shop a few blocks from the diner, Kurt immediately jumped at the opportunity. He needed the extra money, and it was easy enough to talk Santana into getting him an interview. He had experience from working at the Lima Bean and luckily, the owner was so in need of help that Kurt was offered the job on the spot. After some strategic planning, he was able to work a couple shifts a week into his schedule.

Compared to the high energy environment of the diner, working at a quiet coffee shop was a nice break in his week. It always smelled of fresh cookies and dark roast beans, and Kurt genuinely enjoyed making cups of gourmet coffee for patrons. He moved around the counter like a machine, and once he got into a rhythm, he was pretty good at it.

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college!au in which blaine can’t help but crush on his attractive roommate, kurt hummel. because there are never enough college roommate aus

Blaine wasn’t sure what to do about his hot roommate.

And Kurt wasn’t just hot – oh no. Hot, Blaine could have dealt with. He was an eighteen-year-old guy who had spent his last four years at an all-male private school; he knew his fair share of hot guys at the very least. No, using the word ‘hot’ to describe Kurt Hummel would be like calling Beyoncé an alright singer or saying that winters in Ohio had just a small chill to them.

Because Kurt was gorgeous, he was perfection in human form, he was offensively flawless and Blaine was madly in love with him.

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