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They say every relationship has its ups and downs. However, there have been an awful lot of downs lately. 5x16 reaction. ao3

Kurt wakes up the morning after their talk with a heavy weight in his chest. His hand is at Blaine’s waist - he remembers that they’d spent so long in bed together last night that he refused to let Blaine go back to Mercedes’ apartment so late. It had been reasonable, of course, given his experience a few weeks ago. He was, indirectly, protecting Blaine.

And he sees that Blaine has a point: the balance has shifted. He’s no longer running scared, standing up only to be torn right back down, relying on Blaine and the tiny dredges of determination he always had that held fast regardless of anything. And Blaine - he’s a star, Kurt knows it, but he’s not acting like one anymore.

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Okay, I’m not even reading over my own writing, I’m sorry. 5.16 reaction fic. Blangst, Kurt POV, boys talking about things and understanding each other while naked and cuddled up in a bed. Ahahaha, angst.


            ”We should never go a week without that again,” Blaine mumbled. Kurt kissed his neck and snuggled closer, keeping one hand on Blaine’s belly. It still felt the same to him when he rubbed over it–Blaine loved having his tummy rubbed when they cooled down–maybe a little fuller when Blaine exhaled, but still beautiful.

            “Mmm, no more porn sites?”

            “No, they’re all muscle heads so I never got very far anyway,” Blaine admitted. Kurt giggled a little and kissed his neck again. “You don’t care?”

            “About the porn?”

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The Journey Itself is Home, Kurt/Blaine, S05x16 reaction fic 


The Journey Itself is Home

Blaine is a mess.

He’d love to find a better word. Confused. Upset. Jumbled. Except, then he’d be lying. Again. And that’s the one thing he has to stop because the lying and the hiding and the goddamn pretending can’t be sustained. He’s going to lose it. He’s going to lose him. And he can’t … he can’t …

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Vampire!Blaine/Bash AU: Being young forever doesn’t have the start Kurt and Blaine had planned.


It hits Blaine out of nowhere and so hard he nearly doubles over. He blinks, confused and disoriented until he hears it. It’s a quiet whisper, a breath of wind and the fear it brings with it almost paralyzes him: “…Blaine…” 

He’s out the door a fraction of a second later, letting his senses guide him through the streets of Bushwick. He’s being pulled by something he can’t see but what he can feel and he needs to find Kurt, has to, right now, trouble, scared, hurt, blood… Kurt’s blood, blood, Kurt, Kurt, Kurt… 


So much blood. 

Blaine can smell it from two blocks away and he follows the scent of it to a dark alleyway. Until the very last moment he hopes he’s wrong, hopes he’s being oversensitive but then he sees Kurt, lying there, and the scent of blood is nearly over-powering. 

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prompt: reaction fic for 5x16 where kurt reassures blaine he has nothing at all to be insecure about.

warnings: touches on blaine’s body image insecurity, but is all fluff & understanding & smut. yay healing smut.

Kurt holds Blaine tight, rubbing over his back and waiting until Blaine’s ready to pull away with a sniffle, his eyes red, teeth digging into his lip nervously. It breaks Kurt’s heart to see him this way - sometimes he forgets that Blaine is younger, that he can be so heartbreakingly insecure because he hasn’t built himself a tough exterior to deal with the world in the same way Kurt has.

"Hey," Kurt says softly, sweetly, cupping Blaine’s face between his hands and watching Blaine’s mouth twitch with a smile when he rubs away the tears on Blaine’s cheeks with his thumbs. "Come to bed with me?"

Blaine heaves out a shaky sigh. “Kurt, I don’t know—”

"Trust me, sweetie," Kurt says, and then Blaine’s nodding, fingering squeezing gratefully at Kurt’s as Kurt leads them into the bedroom.

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But I’m Here 


5x15 reaction fic. Warnings for injuries, references to assault. Not quite NC-17 but I’ll put that up there anyway. 

He can do it himself, has done it himself, but the ointment is sticky and hard to spread around, and every touch to the wound makes him wince and hiss and then his eyes start to water, which makes it trickier to keep applying the ointment.

He can do it, but if Blaine is there- Blaine who is ready to promise him in sickness and in health, Blaine who helped him pee when he was dizzy from the painkillers, and wasn’t that a special new milestone in their relationship?

If Blaine is there, Kurt asks for his help.

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fic: your name has echoed in my mind 


Sometimes you have to walk an illegal line to rescue someone you love | part of the merman!kurt verse, title taken from treacherous by taylor swift

The tank is empty. Only dust rests there now, the wind whistling through the emptiness. Blaine sits there in the evenings, watching the sunset through the glass, remembering when the water would turn orange and Kurt would splash around, his fingers and fins brushing against Blaine’s ankles. Now he’s gone, and Blaine won’t get to see him again.

Of course, it’s Artie that comes forward with a plan. He talks about a fairy girl who became his friend when he was young, but was taken in by authorities because she lost control of her magic. Blaine is absorbed in his story as he recounts how he tracked her down through a series of digital barriers and, with the help of his cousin who campaigns viciously for supernaturals to be given better rights, broke her out of the holding cell she was in and installed her in a small house beyond the reach of anyone who might try to harm her.

So Blaine takes his laptop and begins to work his way through government websites, making accounts using a fake email address and a fake name. It takes almost a month, when his mother has started talking about finding him a new pet, something lower-maintenance than a merman, but eventually he manages to track Kurt down as id number: 1067854, locked up in a holding cell known as McKinley on the outskirts of Lima.

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Fic: Birthday Sandwich (Klelliott) 


Length: 4.7k

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine/Elliott

Warnings/incentives: THREESOME, oral sex, anal sex, riding, double penetration, comeplay. (All romantic feelings are between Kurt and Blaine only.)

Summary: Kurt is turning 21, and he’s got a very specific birthday wish. Literally just Klelliott PWP.

A/N: Thank you to Jess mypatronusisklaine for being a wonderful beta! And excuse the awful title.

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They’re drenched in sweat and coming down from a truly amazing high when Blaine breaches the question.

“So what do you want for your birthday?”

Kurt hums, shifting as much as his exhausted limbs allow and settling a hand somewhere on Blaine’s body. He’s too tired to register where.

“I don’t know,” he answers, completely aware that he knows very well what he wants, but that Blaine agreeing to it is probably the same chance as Rachel taking up beatboxing.

“C’mooooon,” pleads Blaine, picking up his hand and kissing his fingers one by one. Despite the amazing sex they just had, the soft touch still sends tingles up his arm. “There must be something. Anything, Kurt. You’re turning 21. It’s a big day.”

Kurt sighs and squints one eye open at his fiancé. Blaine is running his nose along the inside of his wrist, looking at him expectantly.

“Fine,” he huffs. “But you’re not going to like it.”

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NYC Fiances + Mirror Sex WOOO! I wrote this out quickly so I apologize for any errors. ~1300 words. They switch, if in case that’s a thing to warn for.

The first time he notices it, Blaine doesn’t say anything. Well, nothing useful, anyway. It’s kind of hard to form coherent thoughts when Kurt is riding him into oblivion. 

The angle is off, but if Blaine turns his head a certain way, he can see Kurt’s thighs and the swell of his ass as he rolls his hips. Blaine gasps for air as he watches Kurt slam down hard while their moans echo through the blessedly empty loft. It’s a little distracting, and Blaine falls out of rhythm until Kurt whines above him. He focuses, grabs Kurt’s hips and plants his feet, and fucks up into him until they’re both sweaty and spent. 

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I apologize for everything that this is. NC-17 rating. Also, spoilers.


            This entire thing is ridiculous. Kurt’s known it all week, despite the guys in class commenting him and snickering at Blaine, and despite their dumb argument over cronuts (of all things) and then their unexpected duet an hour ago. It was a hot duet, too. Kurt’s been aching since their fencing duel ended. And Blaine, looking embarrassed and flustered, darted out and left.

            “Blaine? Blaine, you open this door!”

            Kurt pounds on the apartment door with his fist. They need to talk because this is insane. And he’s horny. But mostly the first.

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The Many Times Kurt’s Libido Won Blaine Over, and The One Time It Didn’t

"Mmm—Kurt, oh my god—"

Kurt pushes Blaine down onto the bed and is over him in an instant, pressing him down into the freshly made bed. Three weeks, and every morning after they make the bed, it’s the same thing.

"Stop talking," Kurt whispers, diving in again, rocking his body down against Blaine’s.

"Kay, I just—" Kurt attacks his neck, and Blaine arches underneath him. "Making the bed takes an awfully long time like this, can’t we do it before—"

Kurt rears up and sheds his shirt with a smirk. “What can I say. The domesticity gets me hot.”

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Barista!AU that I wrote as a warm-up while, coincidentally, sitting in a Starbucks.

Kurt doesn’t notice Blaine the first time he comes into the coffee shop. Nor the second. To be fair, it’s a busy place and Blaine always arrives during the evening rush when Kurt’s swamped at the register and trying not to rip his hair out from under the tasteful black cap.

It’s the third time when Kurt takes notice, when he’s about to ask for his name to write on the cup of a medium drip with a pump of peppermint syrup, when the customer laughs softly, a breathless thing, when he cuts Kurt off with, “Blaine. B-L-A-I-N-E.”

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A little bit of Klaine cuddles and fluff for my darling Gabby znks on her 21st birthday <333

~1000 words, PG

From the time they met, Blaine was well aware of Kurt’s stamina. Kurt could sit through an entire cycle of America’s Next Top Model without moving anything but his arm, usually to grab a few pieces of popcorn or whatever snack he’d chosen that day. Kurt’s commitment was impressive, really, and Blaine was a willing participant in many TV and movie marathons, though he didn’t have Kurt’s level of patience while watching live television. DVR had spoiled him rotten and he wasn’t ashamed to admit it.

When Kurt moved to New York, they kept up their tradition over Skype, and when Blaine finally moved into the loft, they went back to their old routine. The big difference and slight irritation being that there was usually some combination of Sam, Rachel, Artie, and Santana watching with them. It was fun most of the time, but the couch was only so big and their friends, particularly Rachel, and sometimes Sam, liked to make their lives miserable by squeezing between them.

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Fic: Forever Feels Like Home, Part 3/20 


Title: Forever Feels Like Home (Part 3/20)
Rating: NC-17 overall, PG for this part
Word Count: ~1900 / ~62,000
Summary: Kurt Hummel is a senior in college and he’s tired of waiting to meet his soulmate. He decides to take matters into his own hands by placing an ad in the newspaper. The response he gets is more than he could have ever imagined. Written for this prompt on GKM: Kurt sends a newspaper advertisement to find his soulmate. Blaine answers via the newspaper.
Warnings: none for this chapter
A/N: Thank you again to star55 and nachochang. I’m posting this chapter a day early because I don’t know if I’ll be able to post at a decent time tomorrow. Chapter 4 will be posted as scheduled on Thursday :) 

From the beginning: AO3

Chapter 3: AO3

Hearing!Verse: Homecoming 



The lovely DinoJay made this amazing artwork to go along with the story! 


Over the last four years, Kurt’s grown accustomed to the unpredictable hours of Hollywood. He’s never been a stranger to hard work before, but at least on Broadway, there had been set hours for the most part. Once a show was into performances, his schedule was set in stone. He was always home for breakfast with the girls and Monday night date night with Blaine. Things were crazy, but they were manageable. Predictable. 

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