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the carlos to my cecil

in a cupboard,
under some stairs

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3 caps Klainers will never be over

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TV MEME - 1/8 male characters:    B L A I N E  A N D E R S O N

"Hang on to your bobby socksgirls. ’Cause we’re about to rock your world.

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I love Glee because it’s fun and campy and even with all the plot holes and crazy stories it makes me happy. It’s one of the first shows that has every type of person imaginable in it. People who aren’t ashamed of who or what they are. I wish a show like this was on the air when I was in High School it might of made it a little more okay to be different. Also how can you hate a show that I think helped open the eyes to open-mindedness to a new generation! 

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OTP Challenge - {5/6} Kisses

"We are now going to have the hottest make-up sex ever."

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Kurt Hummel + Pavarotti

kurt + you can hardly see his eyes with all the hearts in them 

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